13 March 2008

Thankful Thursday V

  • A nice house to live in
  • Good-quality furniture to put in our nice house
  • Sunshine (the weather is warming up down here!)
  • The pear trees are just about ready to bud--maybe they'll bud for Palm Sunday
  • A washer and dryer in my house--no more trips to the laundromat!
  • The word of God, like a mirror to my soul
  • Forgiveness, when the mirror of God's word reveals sin that I've so carefully hidden from othgers and tended for my own benefit
  • Language. (It's cool)
  • New friends at college and at my church
  • Old friends
  • My family--especially my parents who were the first ones to teach me the gospel
  • Hope for tomorrow--literally: Friday, abstractly: all my tomorrows, theologically: my Eternal Tomorrow in heavenA visit from my SiL this weekend
  • Sleep and rest

There's more, people, but I have got to get to my choring.

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