05 March 2008

Still Addicted to Pop Culture Even Though We No Longer Have TV to Watch...

This saddens me more than the shocker about Heath.


I didn't watch Dirty Dancing till I was in college, but I sure did love it. It inaugurated my newfound love of dance movies.

Sob! "Nobody puts Baby in a corner!"


Mzzterry said...

Thanks for stopping by & commenting on my blog today. I shared your idea with my husband that he might share the ironing workload, he swears I jsut do it SOOOOOOOO much better than he does that it would be a shame to not let me continue! I will continue to try to convince him of his ironing prowness! Thanks for the tip.

Krista said...


I do most of the ironing around here, but when I don't plan well, and he needs shirts, and he sees I'm paying for my lack of planning by staying up waaaaay late, he'll iron a couple. He lived the bachelor's life for 2-3 years before we married and he knows how to iron.

Good luck with the ironing issue!