18 May 2009

I Don't Understand...

...why sometimes we grownups expect kids to behave like graduate students, with full and undivided attention to the speaker at all times. Why do we do that?

09 May 2009

Dancing in Public

I'm aggravated at YouTube's not letting me embed this right here on my blog, but OH WELL.

Please, please click through this link and go watch this awesomely cool YouTube video. Please.

Cross-Cultural Thinking

I just listened to a Michael Feldman (the host of What Do You Know?) interview...apparently a lapsed Irish-Catholic has written a memoir. I was shocked at the depth of brazenness! This man has no desire whatsoever to do anything that honors God or make any choices that are beneficial to himself if they are also compliant with morality. Sheesh. I didn't realize that pagans hate God so much!

06 May 2009

Evening Peace

There's a lot to be unhappy about. (There always is. No matter who you are or where you live, we can always find something to ruin our days.)

But right now, my tummy is full, my washing machine is running, there are two peeper frogs conversing right outside my window, and there's a bird chirping out there, too. Oh, and there's a breeze blowing in through the open window.

We don't have the TV on, or the radio. It's just quiet.