20 March 2008

This Week's Links

I like these embroidered hearts.

Chocolate plus Easter dessert...yes.

Look! Who knew this local landmark was such a big deal nationally? I heard about this auction on local radio news, but here it is on national news.

I'm really intrigued by what others are reading.

This baby bed creeps me out. Here's a quote from the article that summs up by creeped-out-ness: "Having a cot like this there is no need to rock your baby by your hands because it has automatic rocking. This will free you from such dut[ies] as baby rocking and save your time." Eep!

Route 5:9 from Peacemaker Ministries is fast becoming a fave blog. I like this article about majoring on the minors. And this video is just plain funny!

This photo by souleMama is astounding. I love it.

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