10 March 2008

thankful that I'M NOT BEING TREATED BY AN ORTHOPEDIST for pete's sake

Yesterday morning we had some frost on the ground, and on the cars, and on our wood porch. I was wearing dressy heels.

My foot slipped on the top step and I toppled forward onto the ground. I had my jacket over my arm, my books in my hand, and my coffee in my other hand. I dropped them all to land on my hands.

I did not tear my nice pants
I did not spill coffee on my nice shirt
I did not catch my ankle in the step and break it
I did not land badly and break my wrists
I forgot my lap desk and didn't have it in my hands, so I didn't land on a large piece of plywood
I didn't have my lap desk and didn't break my fingers while landing with my hand in the handle
I was only winded
I didn't break my glasses

I wrenched my back and now it hurts. Again.
I have a biiig bruise on my left shin where it hit the step (but I didn't break my ankle!)
I bruised my right index finger where I landed
Both my arms are sore from the unexpected long-distance 'pushup'
I didn't sleep well because I re-injured my lower back
My nice pants have a grass stain on them

I am more thankful than annoyed...but I can be both. I'm working on counting all things joy today, even though I am tired and sore and my back hurts. Remembering that I'm not in the hospital, I'm not in a cast, I'm not in several casts. I'm just winded, not wounded (forgive the terrible rhyminess) .

(Poor husband had gone down the steps in front of me with his books and the casserole dish. He heard me say 'oh I slipped' or something, turned, and saw me topple from the third step. He didn't know what to do! He didn't want to throw the dish down [it's one of my favorites] or set his books down [the ground was wet] but he didn't want to turn away to put his stuff in the car so he could help me [that could seem callous]. It happened so quickly! I told him I was ok, ok, ok, so he took 5 seconds to toss his armload in the car and come help me up. And it wasn't until I stood up and felt tremble-y that I realized I should have just stayed down. Cause I wanted to sit down [I felt like I might faint and I'd rather faint from a sitting position than a standing position] but the steps were wet [or would be as soon as my 98-degree bottom hit them]. So we were stuck in a holding pattern for a little moment. It'll be funny in a few days when my back feels better.)


Heather of Troy said...

Another thing to be thankful for...that you weren't carrying the casserole!

So sorry! What a pain. Please rest and get well!

Krista said...

Yes! I could have fallen onto the casserole and smooshed it...stained my shirt...broken the dish...impaled myself on the shards of the dish...

Whew. Thank you Jesus.


Krista said...

The casserole was great, by the way.

cj said...

So glad that you are okay. I had to laugh at the amount of stuff that you two had in your hands...you don't even have children yet! I always have my hands full to and from our car. Thankfully, my hubby keeps our garage tidy so that I can keep my car in the garage where I don't have to worry about slipping on the ice. I hope that you feel better quickly!

Krista said...

It's been two days and I feel much, much better today! Thanks, cj.