04 March 2008

Dinner for Nine

Covenant is on its Spring Break this week, and the Dining Hall is closed. The students who are staying on campus during Spring Break have to fend for themselves. And not all of the dorms are equipped with stoves for the students to cook on.

So I invited some of my new friends to come for dinner. It snowballed a little, and in the end 7 college girls came over.

Our table has leaves, but until last night we've never used them. It was pretty exciting for me, and really fun.

The menu?
Mom's Lasagna
Cindy's Salad
Green Beans
Garlic Bread
Pioneer's Mom's Apple Dumplings


The dumplings were delicious. My favorite was the crustiness of the croissant-dumpling with the lightly caramelized sugar on it. Yummmm. I was, I confess, a little skeptical about the Mountain Dew, but I followed directions (and heeded the advice about the proper size dish)--and it all came out delicious. I'm going to make it again for my church's weekly potluck, and they will love it too.

You should definitely hop over there and get that recipe and make the dumplings! They were sooooooo good.

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*carrie* said...

I love that apple dessert. I substituted Sprite and actually used a little less than was called for. Delicious!