07 March 2008

Grocery List

I don't write meal plans. My MotherinLaw has a weekly list of meals she posts on her fridge, and everyone knows what to look forward to every day. My mom cooked lots of food on Saturdays, stowed it away, and pulled stuff out throughout the week.

My tendency is to homekeep like my mom, but I need something more organized that that. The last few weeks, it's worked well to think about the weekend's needs, and about the next week's needs, and do a grocery run.

So here's my grocery list, with four specific meals in mind for next week:
bread flour
frozen veggies...*carrots, *peas, *corn
laundry detergent (reminds me, I have to go put the clothes over into the dryer...be right back...that took longer than I thought because I also had to lay out the t-shirts so they don't wrinkle till I fold them)
can of cream of celery soup
apple juice
2 lb. stew beef
3 lbs mushrooms
9 c. beef stock (that's 72 oz.)
1 1/2 c. pearl barley
brown sugar
chocolate chips
sour cream


*have to check pantry/fridge to double check

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