27 March 2008

March 27: Links for this Week

These grocery tips are good for beginner homemakers like me.

Mmmm. Oatmeal.

Mmmm. Creamy, cinnamony rolls.

For our road trips, we always checked the states off a list as we spotted their plates. Here's a fun spin on that game.

I want to re-read this example of a household planner.

Three of the seven A's here at Route 5:9. (Read all seven A's here. There are 4 more A's, but it's not a harder read.)

I enjoy reading others' Ten Quirky facts (here and here are just a couple...also here) but I can't think of any oddnesses of my own to share. People tell me I'm weird, but to me it's normal and I can't think of things that you all might think are weird.

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