11 November 2009

things I do not love

aka, Things I Am Tired Of

::Crocheting. I started working on Christmas presents last February and, while I love the people who are getting these presents, I'm tiredtiredtired of crocheting. My hands are tired of it (my right thumb especially is getting sore), my mind is tired of it, and I'm done for now. But the projects they are almost done and when they are done I will be through with crocheting (at least for the next few years).

::Cooking/meal planning/getting dinner on the table. Enough of this, I want to go back to being a kid when someone else was responsible and stuff.

::Waking up at 3am with an annoying cough.

::Being far away from my family. I miss them.

::Bickering/debating/arguing with people about my religion. It's not the debating...it's when they interrupt me midsentence just to bicker back. When they don't listen to these life-giving words, but formulate their answer while I'm sharing the gospel of grace! Grrr! It makes me really mad (ironic, I know).