01 February 2008

...It's a Meme

The rules of this game:

Pick up the nearest book of 123 pages or more.

Turn to page 123.

Find the first three sentences.

Post the next three sentences.

Tag 5 people.

(Got this meme from here.) I'll play!
The instructions to each exercise are somewhat different in each case, so read them carefully before proceeding. However, each exercise requires that you follow the step-by-step procedure for doing a phonemic analysis outlined in the previous file. The exercises are designed to introduce you to problems involving minimal pairs, complementary distribution, and free variation.

Georgios Tsedernalis and Wai Yi Peggy Wong, editors. Language Files: Materials for an Introduction to Language and Linguistics. 9th ed. Columbus: Ohio State UP, 2004.

And I'll follow Adventures in Mercy's lead and spiff up the tagging: YOU if you are reading this, plus Mike, Heather, cj, and Bob. Also I will tag Erin, jkrue, and Carrie.

(Do me a favor and leave a comment with a link telling me that you took the tag. Thus this game will also serve as a de-lurker. Theoretically.)

1 comment:

cj said...

I will play along to the first part and post my quote here, but I don't think I'll be tagging anyone. I'm sorry, I know that's no fun! "Mix the ingredients together until the sugar is dissolved. Add just enough milk to make a nice slushy texture. Snow Cones: Besides being yummy, snow cones can help teach your child about the cold, even if you live in a warm climate." from Fun with Mommy and Me by Dr. Cindy Bunin Nurik. (I was reading this book for some ideas for fun winter activities to do with my girls.