12 February 2008

Bacon Would be Great On...

...AOL has a list of things they have tested, and which they know bacon is great on. Here it is, with my comments:

Movie Popcorn. I haven't really had movie popcorn, but I will try sprinkling some bacon on my next bowl of microwave popcorn.
Ice Cream Sundae. Salty and sweet already go well together, right? I'll bet this one is really good.
Warm Apple Pie. Again with the salty and sweet.
Oatmeal. It would be like all of breakfast in one bowl. (And I bet the Quaker Oatmeal cholesterol challenge would not work if you did this.)
Chocolate Chip Cookies. Again with the salty and sweet.
Hot Chocolate. Yes, again with the salty and sweet.
Cheesecake. This one I'm not so sure about. But I'm not afraid to try.
Brownies. You guessed it...salty and sweet.

And my own additions:

As an ingredient in trail mix?
In lasagna?
In spaghetti?
Ummm...how about with Skittles?

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