01 February 2008

This Weekend One Year Ago:

Ian had a snow day (woo hoo! About 0.5" of snow!), so he dropped me off at the airport.

I was boarding a plane, bound for Dallas. I flew with Kelly; I enjoy traveling with a buddy, and Kelly was a great travel buddy.

Once in Dallas, we went to Troy's (now Heather and Troy's) apartment for the bridesmaids' party where were ate chocolate and talked.

The next day we went to the bridesmaids' luncheon.

It was beautiful. (I got some super ideas if I ever host a bridesmaids' function!)

That evening we rehearsed and went to the rehearsal dinner. (I was seated at the "couples' table" with other Unavailables--the bridesmaids at the Availables Table had a great conversation with the Available groomsmen and ushers. That night at the hotel, they reported about their conversation concerning Heather and Troy, and we were all excited about how well-suited they were to each other.)

Wedding Day was Saturday. Laura and I steamed the veil.
We had so many dresses getting steamed that we set off the fire alarm! Not to worry; it was a silent alarm, but the bright lights were flashing and the fire doors closed. Still...I think it was the only thing that did not go perfectly according to schedule.

We processed, sang, witnessed, and rejoiced!

We also partied!

Not only was it a wonderful weekend for Heather, but it was a real healing weekend for me. I was in an interpersonal and intrapersonal slump, and going away for a weekend filled with TONS of girls-only time, pampering, a well-planned busy schedule [everything went soooo smoothly!] and really truly pleasant and sincere conversations was just what the doctor ordered. It was a real shot in the arm and a blessing to me. Also, when my plane landed, my cellphone rang, and I was offered a job! Just in time!!)

That was a wonderful weekend. I figured out that a year before her wedding, Heather had just moved to Chattanooga and started her new job. Then in 2007, we all gathered for her wedding. And now in 2008--it's a girl!

Happy Anniversary, Heather. Doesn't it make you think? Think of where you were just one year ago. Where were you two years ago? Moving to Chattanooga. And three years ago? In Kyiv, being c-c-c-cold! (You flew to Colorado to see Jenna's birth, right? Did you have any idea that in three years, you'd be a married lady with a precious baby coming soon?) Who knows what the Lord has in store in just one more year.

Happy anniversary, Heather.


Photos taken from Corrin's blog corrin's love seat, from Heather's blog Heather of Troy, and from Corrie's blog The McClure Family Adventures.

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