20 February 2008

Accidental Shame

How many times this week have I done one of these 5 things? I'll have to rectify this as quickly as possible!

Here are five ways men reported feeling dishonored by their wives-

1) Not including him in making important decisions.
"I told my sister we would vacation with them this year."
2) Correcting him when he speaks.
"No Dear, it was last May, not June."
3) Doing things that he is capable of.
"Oh, don't bother. I'll do it myself."
4) Not placing importance on his needs.
"I know you are tired, but You have to....."
5) Questioning his judgment
"You aren't really going to ____, are you?"

And my addition--not only do I say these 5 lines verbatim, but I also do it subtly. For example, if he's driving, I might say, "Sometimes I use the next exit instead of the one you are using right now." Translated that: "You dummy, do it the right way--my way!"

Quote from The Gentle Art of Ruling Your Husband


Heather of Troy said...

I checked out this site and it seems so strange. It looks good on the outset but then you find out the motive behind all the good wife advice is to manipulate. Totally strange. Anyway, just wanted to mention it.

Krista said...

I know--I got the same impression, but I've got it listed on my GoogleReader. I'm going to read it for another week or so and decide if the writers are being ironic and 'tongue in cheek' or if they are using sweetness and cuteness to do what you said--to manipulate. Hopefully it's the tongue in cheek one, but even that is a little dangerous on the WWW because people can't always tell if you are being serious or if you are being sarcastic.

(Regarding sarcasm: Douglas Wilson up there in Idaho is abrasively sarcastic and his fan club don't seem to mind, you know? I personally mind that sort of sarcasm and try not to use if myself. BUT this particular quote was one that I liked, even if the blog it's from is subversive and manipulative.)