25 February 2008

Monday Update 1

(I've been plugging away at the mound of paperwork required for a complete application to W-County Schools.)

I also have my GoogleReader window open, and have had one (1) reading break. One of the frugal-homemaker blogs I read talks about bringing a calculator while you shop. That thought appeals to me, but the only calculator I use on a regualar basis is about the size of a business card. (I used it for the arithmetic associated with figuring test scores back in the day when I was teaching.) That calculator would not be so useful.

However, a few years ago we procured a huge, big, jumbo calculator in a Christmas White Elephant Exchange. It's the size of a notebook--about 9x13--and would be just the trick in the baby-seat of the shopping cart. (Especially because I don't have a baby sitting there, just a shopping list.)

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