12 February 2008

Food Meme

1. How do you take your coffee? Ideally, it would be freshly ground, with 2 packets of sugar in the raw and a plop of creamer. In reality, it's ground, low-quality coffee with 1.5 tsp. sugar and some milk.
2. What is your restaurant genre of choice? Pasta. Or steak. (Love me some carbs.)
3. If you had to eat the entire cake, what kind would it have to be? Chocolate with chocolate frosting.
4. What kind of cook do you consider yourself to be (i.e. gourmet)? Disorganized family cook. With the cooking instinct.
5. Eggs for breakfast? Sure, on Saturdays.
6. Are you an adventurous eater? Yes, but not compared to a restaurant critic--adventurous compared to myself as a child and even to myself 5 years ago.
7. Would you consider yourself a food snob? No. Food snobs (and I've worked with some) say snarky, attitude-tastic things about the people who don't shop at Healthy Green Grocery Stores (you know which stores I'm talking about, too). I guess food snobs are closely related to cultural/consumer snobs (as in, 'I wouldn't be caught dead in ____ store with the kind of people who shop there. Gaaah! I hate that.)

This meme was taken from Wonder Girl.

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