22 February 2008

Thankful Thursday III (a day late)

  • Rejuvenation from the Word.
  • New friends (H, G)
  • Old friends (Heather of Troy, Jeep,...)
  • Intellectual stimulation
  • Finding like-mindedness in new friends!
  • Church family (we don't always feel the luuuuv but we are family)
  • Job interview yesterday!
  • Ian finished our taxes on Monday
  • I don't have to monkey around with the dreaded financial burden!
  • The Word.
  • Fun party tomorrow to look forward to!
  • SIL is coming for a visit this weekend.
  • Had fun days with Ian on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, AND Monday
  • We who have the mind of Christ have grace to help us in our time of need. Grace gives us hope for eternal future AND for a better tomorrow--with the actual hope of victory over sinful nature.


Heather of Troy said...

Where was your job interview? How di it go? When will you hear? Hurray!

Krista said...

Eddie Bauer--it went well, and I'd like to work there--no sooner than Monday--Hooray is right!

Heather of Troy said...

yeah! Update please when you hear! Is it the nice one near your old store? Such a beautiful shopping strip.