26 February 2008

Monday Update 2 (Written on Tuesday)

  • Hours of class attended: only 1
  • Cups of coffee: 2 (+1 decaf)
  • Conversations with friends (old and new): 2
  • Conversations via email with SIL A: 1 (extended over the whole day, though)
  • Conversations with a publishing house confirming the cancelling of my Free Trial Account (and that my credit card will not be charged): 1 (it was very civil)
  • Conversations with a passport official (he must have been in New York or somewhere because it was not civil at all): 1
  • Applications collated, stuffed into envelopes, and mailed (with well-written cover letters!) : 7
  • Reference request forms stuffed into envelopes (with corresponding cover letters and stamped, addressed envelopes): 3
  • Number of times I annoyed the Covenant Mailroom people while copying, collating, buying stamps, etc.: 4 or 5
  • Meals eaten yesterday: 2
  • Time we arrived home after a long day: 9:00pm.
  • Time we got into bed and turned the lights off: 10:30pm.

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