26 January 2008

Weekend Linktastic

This post about organizing is a great read, though long. I think I will be posting snippets of it here over the next few weeks. In fact, here are a few snippets:

(1) Does it work?-Story of a vice president who had piles all over his desk but "couldn’t find anything” if he cleared his desk; he said the method worked for him. However, one Saturday a month, he had to go to the office to organize all his papers, thus missing kids’ soccer games and family time. After having [a professional organizer] come in to help him get organized, he said she gave him back that Saturday every month.

(2) Do you like it?

(3) Does it work for others?-If you aren’t there, can others find it/use it?

(4) Can you “recover” quickly?-If you went unannounced to [this professional organizer]’s home, you’d think, “SHE is an organizer?!” But if you call her to say you’re coming, she can have everything put away in 15-20 minutes – where it belongs.

--3 Essential Components of ANY System: (1) Methodology (2) Mechanics (3) Maintenance

Here's a fun idea about cheering up someone's day/week/month.

Here is another post about organizing. And here's a little bit of it:

One of Elizabeth's ideas that I really liked was to walk through your entire home, room by room. Armed with a clipboard, you look around each room in a clockwise direction, writing down any area that irritates you. I tend to organize in a piece-meal fashion, so I like this intentional approach. Once you've gone through your entire house, you sit down and prioritize your projects. Love that!

While looking at that blog I found this post, which led to this post and this post. I'm inspired. Look for a One Little Word post soon!

While link-surfing, I found this blog. I think I will like it.

I joined Library Thing. Time alone will tell if I'll actually get to it! What with job hunting and housekeeping (which is a different animal than working and housekeeping)...not to mention my delightful but challenging Linguistics class...I'll be lucky if I get around to reading! When will I update my listing on Library Thing?? Oh well.

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The Mama of the House said...

I am an organize fanatic. Okay, it may be a bit embarassing, but I can totally go through my house and have it tidied in 30 minutes. I can't compete with the 15-20 minutes just because of the kids' messes, but we're pretty fast. And that DOES include a quickie scrub of the main level bathroom (talk about a scary area!).

I'm not allowed to go into the storage aisles at Target or WalMart anymore because I love bringing home storage containers. We all have our problems!