22 January 2008

Thus it Concludes

I worked my last day yesterday. The atmosphere of the store has gone from 'kitchen high-end boutique' to 'garage sale.' It's a loss, and sad to see. Every time I go back, there is less merchandise, less furniture, less stuff. For a store, that's sad.

I don't think I'd care so much if it were a big giant corporate store. But it's locally owned, and these last couple weeks of closing, I've been working with the owner and getting to know her better. It's sad to see her store close like this.

Still no news on the new job front. Pray. Pray for just the right job for me! When this job came along, it was at just the right time and has turned out to be such a blessing to me. The people I've had a chance to work with have become friends that I enjoy being with. I have new respect for business owners who work so very hard--tomorrow's paycheck depends on today's labor, and they surely earn it! I've learned more self-confidence, diligence, and humility than I thought I could in 'just a cashier job.' I will miss it, but I'm looking for what is next.


LittleMissReformed said...

Are you looking for another retail job for the time being? You have so much experience now I'm sure you could just pick the place and you'd get it. But I know you'd like something different.

Love you,

Krista said...

I actually have a variety of options for now. The store manager at one of the store's neighbors came into the store and told us that any of us could apply and get a position there. If the budget gets really desperate really soon, then that's an option. But to be honest, I'm getting ready for something more consistent than retail. We'll see where the Lord leads, eh?