10 January 2008

Getting Organized for the New Year

I'm on a listserve for Marcia Ramsland, who wants to sell her organizing/decorating books. I'm sure the books are great; but most of the emails are nothing more than advertisements for her books. However, there are some great tips in her emails--and here's the list of Getting Organized for the New Year:

1. Time: Get a new 2008 calendar AND a place to daily write down a To Do list. Even if it's just a 3 x 5 card or a Post-It note, write down what you need to do the next day. You'll accomplish so much more writing things down and reading both [lists] all day.
2. Time: Plan tomorrow the night before. This mean confirm appointments so you're not waiting for someone that doesn't show up, lay out work to be done tomorrow, and clean up your desk from today to be ready to start fresh.
3. Time: Schedule no more than 3-4 nights out per week. You'll enjoy life more if you have some downtime.
4. Clutter: Keep a clear line of sight on every countertop. That means the front 2/3 of your kitchen counters and desk itself should be clear. The outer area has only things you [actually] use.
5. Clutter: Work to cleanup the most used room at home, i.e. the kitchen. Keep up on dishes and mail to relax when you are home.
6. Clutter: Put a "Giveaway Clothes bag" in your closet and donate it every other month. It's easier to give away regularly than to do a big cleanup.
7. Email: Set times to do email and don't let it run your life or become your To Do list! Twice in the morning and twice in the afternoon are adequate.
8. Email: Note the number of emails in your In-Box and cut it in half by setting up filters to send incoming emails to "Reading Folder", coupon folder, airline folder, etc. You'll be amazed how much "clutter" it cuts out of your In Box.
9. Paper: Clear your desk before you turn on your computer each morning. Better yet, clear it and list what needs to still be done before you leave it each night. You'll have a better start to your day.
10. Remember, one pile sitting out is the beginning of a complicated life. Put any pile on your desk or countertop away as soon as you spot it and keep your life simple! You'll love yourself for doing it.

Marcia Ramsland, The Organizing Pro
PO Box 817
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cj said...

Some very helpful hints for organizing and keeping life simple. I love simple! By the way, I love the free rice site, what a great way to feel good about procrastinating. Now...back to that pile that seems to be forming itself on my countertop.