19 August 2008


I'm hungry right now. I can feel tightness and emptiness, that odd hot-but-not-burning sensation in my entire gut but centralized in my stomach, and the general discomfort of hunger. My stomach hasn't started growling yet, but it's getting ready to.

I haven't ever been really, really hungry. Never starving. But I feel it right now.

Pop quiz, everyone: describe hunger when you're not hungry. Or describe a headache when you're not headachy; or sciatica when your legs feel fine; or (not that I've ever felt this pain either) a broken bone when you're fully intact; or anything else when it's not urgent.

How can we do it?
How can we describe faith when the urgency of need isn't there? How can we explain to somone, "Well, I figured out that my soul is eternal and that my sin sets me at odds with God, the Just Judge of eternal souls, and I knew something had to give, and I asked God to do what he promised me--I asked him to save me," when they don't feel the pressing need like we do?

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