14 November 2007

Helping the Needy

Dr. Fikkert, a Covenant College professor and the head of the Chalmers Center for Economic and Community Development, says this about working with the poor:
But the most important thing is to reach out and love the people around you. Friends don't lecture one another or throw programs at one another. Friends join hands, laugh together, cry together, and learn together. In the process, both you and your newfound friend become more like the people God intended, and that is what economic development and spiritual transformation are all about.
Isn't this true about more than just "ministry to people with less money than me"? It's also true about anyone that's needy.

Say someone needs help moving. We are people who can lift and drive and unload boxes--or we know people who can help.

Say someone needs a place to come over for Thanksgiving. We are people who will have food and an extra place at the table--or we know someone who has room to spare.

Say someone needs a friend. We are people who have extra love to share. Right?

So do what Fikkert says -- don't throw a program at someone. Needy people can see through us when we have any sort of agenda. Instead, join hands, laugh together, cry together, and learn together. Be real, and be the hands and feet of Jesus.

Read Dr. Fikkert's whole article here.

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