28 October 2007

Thought Life

I've been silent for a while, except for responses to other people. Want to know what I've been thinking lately? Here's a list:

Gender. One of Professor R.'s assignments for us in Developmental Psychology is to write a 6-part autobiography. Part Three's topic? Gender, or, "The Development of My Gender Identity." It's not as easy as it sounds; all of these autobiographies has been like attic-cleaning, forcing me to think through and account for my memories and how they have shaped the present Me. So here I am, thinking through all these statistics and facts again about how men have it so good and women are expected to conform...I've thought it through and dealt with it already, when most of my classmates have not yet. It's a weighty issue, and tough to accomodate into your intellectual schema of the world.

Bible truths. Sometimes I feel like God is playing connect-the-dots in my head and in my faith. Let me explain: a hermeneutical principle when studying a passage is to study all the other passages that also use a word in that passage--like a connect-the-dots in the Bible. The last few weeks have been big for me in terms of new connections made and old connections altered. Just now at the Sunday Potluck I had a very satisfying conversation with some of the church people and I was telling how I conceptualize Bible Truths: more like a web than like a grid. Men tend to think more grid-like than I do, so this was a little bit of a stretch for them, but one of the elders said "The web has to be connected to stable points for it to work." That was brilliant--make me think that if I have a web of interwoven faith points in my head and heart, then what are the stable points that I connect to? These are the foundations of my faith.

Christmas Break. Not working in the academic field anymore cramps my vacation style. You work like a dog if you are a teacher but you have the luxury of Christmas, Spring, and Summer Breaks. Not so in retail! But God has answered my prayers and has so moved that I can have 10 whole days unencumbered by shifts at the store. Yip!

Developmental Psychology. The class barrels ahead full-steam, and unless I'm on my game, it'll barrel over me. Gotta keep up. I'm enjoying the facts that I am learning but boy! this is hard. Fascinating and challenging all at once.

Various errata also flit around up in the cranium. We have a drought going on here in the South. The presidential race is racing ahead full steam. What can I make for dinner tonight? What will we do if the price of gas keeps rising? What will happen to my Career? etc., etc., etc.

Well, thanks for reading. Ta ta for now.

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