10 October 2007

Revival at CCS

Read this and rejoice -- it is a letter from the principal to the faculty and staff.

September 17, 2007

Dear Friends,

Greetings in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! As our high school principal I feel compelled to share with the entire faculty and staff something that has been an indescribable honor and privilege of seeing and experiencing; something amazing and beyond anything I could have imagined. I write to you, as fellow servants of Christ to testify of the work of the Holy Spirit in the lives of our students; many of which sat in your very desks years ago. I am sure you have caught bits and pieces of what has been happening in the high school, but a brief recalling of God’s goodness many be helpful as you go before the throne of grace.

While my words will not do justice to the work of God we’ve recently enjoyed, allow me to attempt to describe what has been happening. We took our senior class on a retreat Sunday, September 9 through Tuesday, September 11. The last night we gave the students an opportunity to share with their classmates as they enter their final year of high school, as we have for many previous years. However, this year, our Great God had a plan that none of us could replicate. The time of sharing began with three boys individually standing up to tell how God had radically changed them over the last six months. (Most of the students knew something about these young men from either hearing them speak of this or from seeing their changed lives at school.) What followed was amazing! Student after student stood and expressed the pain and need in their own lives. As students spoke, others identified and told of their struggles. As one student said, “I have thought for so long that many of you had perfect lives but tonight I realize that you all are as messed up as me and maybe some of you are even more messed up than me.” This continued late into the night and began again early the next morning. The walls seemed removed, even shattered! There was no faking, no masking hurt and pain! Students were real. While somewhat raw, yet with pain exposed and sins confessed, they were open to renewal and redemption in their lives. Some students committed their lives to Jesus that night and others the next morning. Others recommitted their lives to Jesus. Relationships were restored and healing was taking place.

That senior class went on a retreat one way and returned another. They were changed. One student said, “I hope we never go back to the way it was!” I responded by saying, “Things can never again be the same because when Jesus invades our lives, we are changed forever!” They asked, “What do we do now?” I responded, “Go testify what Jesus has done in your life!” Many asked me if they could do just that and testify in our next chapel on Thursday. Not wanting to stand in the way of the working of the Holy Spirit and the excitement our students had for the faith, we changed what we had planned and open the doors for God to use these students.

What followed, we again could not have imagined. Five seniors stood and spoke of a “past life” and of a new life in Christ, and invited others to come and find peace and rest and forgiveness at the cross. They challenged and exhorted those who knew Jesus to stand on their convictions and to be sold out for Jesus!

The administrative decision was made to turn off the bells. It was wise because the chapel lasted for one hour and a half. As chapel closed, three girls stood and sang “There is a Fountain Filled with Blood”. As students listened, they spontaneously stood, held hands and began to sing to Jesus with profound sincerity. I have stood in many chapels and heard wonderful singing but none so sweet and apparently sincere as what I heard this past Thursday. (Frankly, I wish we could have, and hindsight, maybe should have continued singing to Jesus!)

Following prayer, I offered those who would like to speak with our faculty or maybe some of the seniors to feel free do so as the rest made their ways to class. Well over 100 students remained for the next hour. It was a time of sweet fellowship as the Holy Spirit continued to bring about healing and conviction of sin and the need for the Savior. Many students trusted Jesus that day.

Sustained evidence of this change in the class is the formation of a senior girls Bible study/discussion/prayer time. Most of the senior girls attended, and the boys are asking for the same opportunity. We are starting a Bible study for them beginning this Thursday morning. In addition, we will be contacting the churches that each of these new converts attend or will be attending. Several parents have commented to me, “I typically struggle to get my child out of bed, and now she is up before me and can’t wait to get to school!” There is unity like I have never seen among a group of teenagers.

Friends, God has sent His Holy Spirit to our school! I am extremely humbled to be a small part of His work. I ask for your prayers for those who:
  • have made a profession of faith-- that they will connect with their church and grow in their Christian walk;

  • have not surrendered their lives to Christ;

  • have known Jesus all their life (May they not think any less of their salvation because it might not be “radical.” We know it always is radical when Christ draws a person to himself.).

I also ask that you pray for wisdom and guidance for me and each of us who care for and guide these students and that our Almighty Father would turn back the forces of darkness that would attempt to stop Kingdom advances!

I know this is nothing that we specifically could have done but is the working of the Holy Spirit and the many prayers that for years have reached the throne of God on behalf of this class and these students. God has and continues to hear the prayers of His people! Be encouraged!!!

Celebrating with the Angels,

Shawn Brower

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cj said...

How encouraging to hear of how God is working in our Christian schools! It can often be discouraging to hear of all the issues concerning Christian education. Praise the Lord for all those who are dedicated to bringing up our children in the way of our Lord!