16 October 2007

realigning my will with Your Will

Nineteen minutes, and I'm posting again. This post goes out to a friend of mine. It's good reading for the rest of you, too.

What I have learned in dealing with my own besetting sins and wandering will is that
*Satan wants us to feel defeated, even if we aren't. If we feel defeated, we won't try to defeat him by resting in the Lord, because we will feel like the battle is already lost.
*Realigning my will with the Lord's starts in my thoughts, not my emotions. My emotions are subject to my thoughts.
*Realigning my will with the Lord's is a day by day, moment by moment process. There's not a person anywhere who does not say every day--every moment--"Lord, I am straying in this way. Please help me come back. Help me push the reset button. Help me to choose to believe your Truths and die to my own foolish constructions of truth."

See how much I love you, friend? I spent 6 minutes on this post! I'm down to only 13 minutes.

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Carrie said...

Yes. Thought life is very important. I've been learning this in other areas as well. Thanks for the reminder/encouragement/exhortation, friend!