28 May 2012

Fruit, Movies, Reading

I just finished a bit of gardening and pruning, and had some really good post ideas. But they have flown away--and I must trust the Lord to remind me of them if they are truly important.


Our morning sermons at Brainerd Hills Presbyterian Church are getting better and better. We're in Galatians, in the Fruit of the Spirit passage, and the sermons focus on a fruit, a weed, and an artificial fruit.
Fruit: Love
Weed: Hate
Artificial Fruit: Tolerance

Fruit: Joy
Weed: Ungodly Sorrow (self-pity/covetousness)
Artificial Fruit: Happiness

Fruit: Peace
Weed: Anxiety, Strife
Artificial Fruit: ___ (I think it is 'serenity now')

Fruit: Patience
Weed: Impatience
...and that is as far as has been preached.

I can't say how much this sermon series has encouraged me. The slow pace through the list of fruit has given me a chance to spend a week thinking over, meditating about, praying for just one character trait. It's been very calming and very growthful.


I got to see The Hunger Games onSaturday. I enjoyed the movie so much but may have to expound in a whole nother post.


My reading has become more purposeful. I recently finished Unorthodox: The Rejection of My Hasidic Roots and am working on Stroke of Genius and Freakonomics.

I'm struggling a little in Stroke of Genius because of the author's materialistic (believing in only the material world) conclusions.

And I'm struggling with Freakonomics because of a correlation the authors made between the fall in crime in the late 1990s with the beginning of legal abortions in the mid-1970s. Humph. They may indeed be correlated but it still doesn't justify the holocaust of 4 million kids since 1973.


Memorial Day lunch is awaiting preparation. Thus, this post is ending. Good day.

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