22 May 2012

Cuddles, Games, and Comfort

I'm still surprised at how much I enjoy being with J1. He's playful, clever, and living. He initiates games--sometimes tag, sometimes hide and seek, and sometimes a variation that I know because we spend so much time together. He likes to cuddle and sit close to me--but not if I make him! He liked to play games--but usually of his own choice. And when he's hurt or sad, he comes to me. He sits on my lap to cry.

I get to thinking. If he wants something, he comes to me. Hungry! Where's mama? Thirsty! Where's mama? Bored! Where's mama? Hurting! Where's mama? Wanna go outside! Where's mama? In a sense, I'm food, I'm entertainment, I'm a door, I'm a cup of water.

For me, it begs the question. When I'm hungry, tired, bored, hurting, thirsty--where do I go? Do I invent something to satisfy myself or do I run to my Savior? He is the Living Water! He is the vine, the door, the way. Unless I run to him, I will never be satisfied.

"He only is my rock and my salvation, my fortress; I shall not be shaken." --Psalm 62:6

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