02 October 2009

7 Quick Takes Volume 1

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1. It's getting to be field trip season again at the museum. I love the little-kid-playtime I get to have with these kids. They're so excited about exploring and learning and investigating. What a refreshing place to work. I love it.

2. Fall has hit here in Chattanooga. We had all that rain, then an hot, humid interlude, then some more rain--and now *bam* it's chilly and a little dry. Not humid. The trees haven't realllllly started changing yet but they will be soon (some of the smaller trees are changing already) and it's going to be be-u-ti-ful!

3. There's this amazing huge chestnut tree right outside my office window and it's really pretty. It was lovely in the rain, with the glossy wet leaves plunking under the raindrops and now it's pretty in the bright crisp fall sunlight. It'll be pretty when the leaves change, too.

4. My husband's cross country season ends today. HOO-RAY! He enjoys it and he's such a very good coach but enough is enough. He's tired. And I'm tired. And so we are going out on a date tonight...nothing special...just dinner. And I'm buying new shoes. And we'll probably loiter in the local big-box-bookstore. (They can afford it.)

5. I'm so glad I married a book person. One of my coworkers has a son who is a book person. She wants to know if I have a single sister who's like me for this guy to marry. I don't. Too bad for her.

6. A friend of mine told me the other day her daughter named her new stuffed wolf "Howell." Hah! I have a cactus named Pierce. I like ironic, wry names. If I ever have another pet I want to name it something odd like George or Steve or Angela. Not anything pet-like (Fluffy, Bowser, or Rex). That's too standard. I like non-standard.

7. I am crocheting a big project as a Christmas present and I've been plugging away these last few weeks. (Christmas is comin RIGHT UP and I need to get goin!!) Yesterday I did my reading from Proverbs while I crocheted and it was very soothing. I'm going to do it again today.

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