06 February 2009

Christmas Travels Part 3: Colorado

After our Husband's-Family Christmas-day festivities, we spent a few more days with my In-Laws. And, because Colorado is so close to Western Kansas, we popped over to my parents' house for my Family Christmas Festivities.

My parents' tree. Isn't it nice? I love to see the ornaments I recognize from years and years past.

I remember this votive-holder from years and years past, too. It looks much nicer with a candle burning inside it, but we decided to blow it out once we got to the opening-presents part of the evening. Good thing, too...in the flurry of tearing paper, there was at least one instance where I set the paper on top.

My sister and her husband live in Colorado, too, but they spent the night at my parents'. They had just flown in from Atlanta that afternoon and were tired! Plus, if they spent the night, we could have more togetherness time the next day!

My parents and I played gin rummy every Saturday morning for about two years when I lived with them. Now it is a tradition, and so we played. That's my dad's coffee cup over there. Notice that the first card is an ace.

Aaaand of course, we had a fire in the fireplace. Doesn't it look cozy? It sure was! Aaaaah, good times.

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