31 January 2009

A List of Crazy/Random Things I Have Done AT WORK in the Last Three Days

The bosslady has been sick and out of the office these last three days, and I turned out to be one that took on some of her duties. I was the "Education Point Person," which actually means I'm the one they all call on the walkie-talkie to ask questions of expecting me to solve all the problems.

Anyway, these things are all things I have done at work just in the last three days.
  • Figured out how to cook an egg without a stovetop, hot plate, or water boiler. Just a restaurant coffee-maker, water, and plenty of time.
  • Learned that, even when you poke a hole in them and immerse them in water, eggs explode in the microwave.
  • Observed what roach egg-sacs look like while the roach is extruding it!
  • Learned how to tell if a Madagascar Hissing Cockroach is male or female.
  • Taught the New Science Demo twice, saying the words 'booger,' 'poop,' 'pee,' and 'snot' aloud. Oh, and 'fart.'
  • Explained to an auditorium full of kids what we can learn from the color and odor of our pee.
  • Used a whoopee-cushion to model a fart sound...without breaking into laughter.
  • Listened to (and silently prayed for) my coworker whose hearing aid has gone out. Talking with her is a hoot...you have to be sure to have her attention and speak up.
  • Learned more about how to love and care for said coworker.
  • Washed a washing-machine-full of dirty mopheads. Also, transferred them to the drier. AND put them away where they belong.
  • Went up (and down) 794 steps (literally...I'm one of 'those people' that counts steps and I know how many steps are in each stairwell and how many times I've gone up and down them in just these three days). With an average of 14 steps per building story, this comes out to 56 stories, one way.
  • Given 'moral support' to the Head Bosslady while she transferred two tarantulas from their enclosures to travel carriers.
  • Caught a cricket with my bare hands to put into one of the tarantula-travel-carriers for the tarantula's lunch. (The bedding stank of cricket poo, and I said yet another sentence I never thought I'd say: "Boy, this cricket crap sure does smell!")
  • Learned more about two exhibits and how to fix them when they go awry.
I don't care how good you might be at your retail/sales job, you just won't have days this varied. Honestly, who else can say they had adventures like these at their job...in such a short period of time? I love working here. It's great!

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