23 September 2008

Pet Peeve #49,704

I have absolutely no contact with people for an entire decade (coincidentally the amount of time that has passed since I graduated from high school) and suddenly, out of the blue, comes a friendly piece of mail asking me for a donation to a (reasonable, good, and worthy) cause.


Heather of Troy said...

I got two of them...the part that made me laugh was it said, "I'll call you in about a week so we can talk more about this." I thought, wow, if so-and-so actually calls me, I might actually give something.

Two weeks later I got another one from someone else (whom I haven't spocken to in 10 years either). No calls yet. I'm going to make these boys work for their money! I mean, it's easy to play golf, but to call me up? Hmmm. So hard.

Krista said...

I got two, too. I'm picturing one of them actually calling me after so much time...if I had "call so-and-so" on my to-do list, I'd rather procrastinate! Even me, a talker...what an awkward conversation that would be!