01 May 2008

Grocery Bag Recycling

Some time ago I resolved not to take any more bags home from the Mega Grocery Mart. Well, today, circumstances finally conspired to let me follow through with that resolution!

A) The bags were in the trunk instead of on top of the dryer.
B) I remembered the bags were in the trunk.
C) I brought the bags into the store.

So there I was, in the checkout line, asking the cashier to put the groceries right in my cart instead of into bags and then into the cart. Thankfully, the Mega Grocery Mart is very slow at this time of the morning (I was in the grocery line by 9:15), so the cashier wasn't distracted by thousands of customers milling around and hundreds of customers in her line.

Still, I had to remind her a couple times...the first couple items were put into a bag. I've cashiered, so I know you operate on routine and habit most of the time. However, when the PIN pad asked me if the cashier had been friendly today, I clicked "no." She wasn't friendly, especially when I interrupted her routine and habit.

We have to change our thinking: these bags aren't disposable! They can be used over and over and over. Just because we've grown up thinking that they are disposable doesn't mean that we are slaves to that thinking. We can retrain ourselves to think according to facts...right?

In any case, I came home with the same amount of bags I left home with. I'd say that's a success. And the Mega Grocery Mart cashiers are just going to have to get used to letting me bag my own groceries.

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