02 April 2008

Early Mornings

I'm still not a morning person. I don't like to get up, I'm not good at getting up, and those people who get up with a smile (didn't Cinderella get up with a song in her heart and a spring in her step? you know, with the birdies singing all around her?) make me a little mad.

Coffee helps. So does my husband, who gets me up ever so nicely. And he's persistent.

I have an 8:00 class at Covenant. My very first class ever (10 years ago!) was an 8 o'clock, and I remember thinking that 8:00 am was terribly early--terribly early!!!--and that the professor would understand if I nodded off during class.


This morning I saw a classmate nodding off. Seriously, the bill of her baseball cap was resting on the desk. (That was a trick I would have pulled--wearing a baseball cap to class--if I'd had a baseball cap. I didn't, and still don't. Trust me--I'm not a hat girl, in much the same way this girl isn't a hat girl.)

Anyway, it just makes me think--these last 6 years post-college of getting up for a job have really taken the edge off that. Here are some factors that have helped:
1) The accountability of a job. People depending on you to come in--and a financial penalty if you don't come in.
2) Coffee. I should have had a coffee pot in college. Then I would not have fallen asleep in my 8 o'clocks.
3) Getting up earlier than 5 minutes before you need to. It may have been 10 years (10 years!) since my first ever 8 o'clock, but I still have the strong urge to get back into bed (oh, bed, I love you!) for an hour after I get out of bed. Plus, it takes me about 30 minutes of uprightness and consciousness to become truly alert. My brain has to shake out the last of the cobwebs.

If only I had known these things in my college days. Although, to be honest, I probably would still not have gotten my carcass out of bed in a reasonable and responsible manner.

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