24 September 2007

Searching for Friends

I miss college days, when I lived in a dorm full of people that I could sit down with for a moment or for an evening. It was like a friend buffet! It's not that easy anymore.

But yesterday, we went to an afternoon cookout hosted by an old friend of Ian's. They lived on the same hall in college. There were a few other couples there, and it was a really nice, relaxing time. It was nice to be friendly again. And there is a classmate of mine (I am taking an undergrad class this semester) who is being very friendly to me, too.

It's been nice. What a surprise! I like friends.


livinginparadise said...

I know what you mean. It definitely takes more effort to find friends after college because you don't live within a few hundred feet of hundreds of people your own age.

Friendships are important even to us married folks.

cj said...

I remember the difficult transition from dorm life to real life all too well. We moved from Pennsylvania to Colorado. My husband was working full time, plus coaching. I had no job and was living in an apartment complex of older unfriendly people. The television became my friend for quite some time, and I'm sure you know that it is not a satisfying relationship to say the least. Friendships will come, keep praying and keep giving.