17 September 2007

My Day's Work on Saturday

I had Saturday off at the store, so I spent the whole day doing housewifey things.
First, we went grocery shopping together.

Ian went off to do errands after he helped put all the groceries away. We also had lunch together.

While he was gone, this was what I got done:
1 loaf of bread, baked
4 loads of laundry, sorted, washed, dried, folded
2 lasagnas (with real noodles, not bake-only noodles), compiled, frozen, put away
1 carrot cake made from scratch (it's a layer cake, so I also made homemade cream cheese icing), baked, assembled, iced
1 pot of baked potato soup*, assembled, simmered, partially eaten
about 30 koteletes (yummy panfried meatloaf patties), mixed, formed, fried, drained, frozen
12-13 sinkloads of dishes, washed, dried, put away

When Ian came home, he ironed and helped with the dishes.

So now my freezer is fuller. Yay!

And I calculated that it was an 8-hour workday, but working for your family is immensely more satisfying than working for someone else.
*Click here for the recipe for that soup! It was awesome, delicious, truly pleasurable.


cj said...

I love preparing meals for my freezer when I have time so that I can pull them out when we are busy! I can't believe that you had that many dishes to do!!!! We used to save up our dishes and do them only once or twice a week-this was when we were both working and did not have kids. Every dish in your house must have been dirty.

Krista said...

I used some of them more than once...like the kettle for simmering spaghetti sauce and then again for the soup.

And since the Big Cooking Weekend, I have done a sinkful of dishes every day, even if that doesn't get rid of the pile. That way the pile stays small and there's no dish drying, which I loathe.