18 August 2007

Sales Effort

We are really overwhelmed, here in America, by the drive to buy, obtain, and shop. Don't we realize we have enough stuff? Why do we collect things like squirrels storing seeds and nuts, frantically waiting for the first blast of winter?

Maybe we who are redeemed have forgotten that the Lord provides for all our needs. We don't need to squirrel stuff away, because though hard times may (and certainly do) come, we need not fear.

It may be that my retail job hypersensitizes me to our crass greed and covetousness. There's a girl I know who gets migraines from bright fluorescent lights. Where she was miserable, her office-mates wondered if she was a little kooky. Maybe it's like that with me. I'm getting a migraine from all the effort being put into chloroforming my common sense and making me feel like I need another house plant or a new color lipstick or a prettier sofa or a more expensive conditioner, where other people just look at me and go "Humph" to themselves when I leave the room.


cj said...

Hey! Do I recognize that photo? How did you get that?!! I agree with you on the greediness of Americans. It can be difficult not to get caught up in it all sometimes because it is everywhere.

Krista said...

I googled for images of shoppers and found it! I thought it was an interesting shot.