24 May 2011

Who Am I Supposed to be to My Child in Right Now?

When he's a teen, I'll back off and his father will provide guidance, mentoring, and boundaries.

When he's eight, he'll need a cheerleader and buddy (I think).

When he's three, he'll need a safe home base for his expeditions and learning quests.

When he's two, he'll need guidance, patience, and fun. And potty training.

When he's eight months, he'll need a baby-proofer.

Right now? He's two months old. He needs food, diaper changes, sleep, tunny time. Medical care if he's sick. Baths, cleaning, diaper changes. Sleep, and help falling asleep. He needs a momma to hold, cuddle, and care for him. He needs books read to him and playtime both by himself and with others.

That's what I can be for him right now: a food source, a comfort source, a cuddled, a diaper changer, a playmate. It's pretty simple, really.

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Heather of Troy said...

Yes...it is the easiest right now. Enjoy every day. :-)