30 August 2010

It's a .... Baby!

I'll just come out and say it.  I'm pregnant.  That's the big change coming down the pike for us.

Until today, this pregnancy hasn't really seemed real.  Let me explain.  I like the idea of a baby in March, and I know everything will change, and I trust that I'll be happy as a mom, but it's been .... a little .... unreal.  I know factually that there's a person growing and getting ready to meet the world, but my experience of this pregnancy so far has been 1) fatigue 2) nausea and 3) lots and lots of advice (95% of which is welcome!).

So today's doctor visit and ultrasound was amazing.  My husband got to come...he took time off work to come and see the ultrasound...and you would not believe how baby-ish that little fetus is!  It has arms and legs and fingers! And it was moving around: arching its back, moving its hips, waving its arms, kicking its legs!

Now it seems like there's a baby in there.  I'm getting excited.

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Heather of Troy said...

I'm so happy for you! It's the most amazing miracle in the world and you get to experience it.