03 March 2009

In-Laws and Outlaws (Christmas Travels Part IV)

Whew! It's March and I'm still posting about Christmas. Oh well. Deal with it.


So, after our time in Colorado Springs, we traveled back to Quinter. Here are the Quinter 'skyscrapers,' 8 miles away from us at this point! (They're actually grain elevators. Note the flat, flat, flatness of Western Kansas. It's flat out there, folks.)

My youngest brother-in-law's girlfriend had flown in a couple days before to 'meet the family,' and my husband and I got back to Quinter earlier than we expected. Consequently, I got to go along on the Girls' Antiquing Trip! After the antiquing, we all went to grocery shop in the W-M*rt. (When living in the country, you have to be sure to grab groceries when you can!)

The next day, New Year's Eve, I got to talking to the youngest brother-in-law. He and his girlfriend and the sister-in-law and I climbed up on the roof and watched the sun set. It was the last sunset of the year and it was a good one.

Here's the cute couple, in the beautiful sunset light. (Do you notice her scarf? That's one of our Christmas gifts to her. I'll have you all know that I made it!)

Aaaaand then, after counting down with the folks in Times Square, middle brother-in-law's wife played reveille on a trumpet for the whole town's enjoyment. (People, there are 800 people in this town. This was the loudest celebratory sound to be heard...a trumpet.)
The In-Laws' New Year's Eve Tradition dictates that we play fussball. Mother-in-Law's dad made this fussball table, and it's Mother-in-Law's favorite game! She really gets into it. (In this picture, from L to R, are: youngest brother-in-law, mother-in-law, middle brother-in-law's wife, middle brother-in-law, and sister-in-law.)
(The 'in-laws' in the title are my husband's family, and the 'outlaws'...they are us, the married-into-this-family kids. Me, the Trumpeter, and the Girlfriend.)
(And I like them all. It's a gift, to like your in-laws, and I do.)

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