28 November 2008

Obligatory Post-Thanksgiving Post

I've been cooking all week, including cooking the turkey and carving it the evening before Thanksgiving. So, all I had left to do on Thursday was the last minute stuff. It got done.

Things that happened Thanksgiving morning before the meal:
  • Monkey bread was baked and served for breakfast-snacking.
  • Cheese ball was put out for breakfast-snacking.
  • Chocolate-Pecan Pie was compiled and baked off.
  • Apple juice was simmered with 3 cloves and 1/2 cinnamon stick (simple, easy cider; if orange peels simmer for too long they turn bitter).
  • Table was set.
  • Butter was put onto butter dish early enough for it to get soft for the meal.
  • Potatoes were boiled and mashed.
  • Green bean casserole was baked and topped with French fried onions.
  • Peas were steamed.
  • Crescent rolls were baked.
  • Turkey was plattered and reheated (and still didn't get dry!)
  • Martinelli's was poured (yes, we had a bottle of wine, but we didn't serve it. Long story).
The only food-related hitch was that the peas overcooked. I couldn't find regular crescent rolls this year, only the "big and buttery" ones...I didn't read the baking instructions beforehand, and they needed 10 extra minutes to bake...those were the 10 minutes that overcooked the peas. Oooooh well. I'll write that down to remember for next year's turkey dinner.

It was a great meal. It was a really nice day. I loved it. Some of the people I love were there, some new friends were there, and a lot of the people I love were elsewhere. Still, it was a great day.

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