07 October 2008

I Actually LIKE the Place that I Work!

  • I love to see children engaged with a challenging task...they learn better coordination, motor skills, problem-solving skills...and they are so pleased with themselves when they master it!
  • I love when parents (or other adult-people) engage themselves with their children when they visit the museum. The children are so pleased with themselves, and their grownups have a wonderful chance to celebrate that happiness with their children.
  • I am so thankful for co-workers who choose to work at this place. There are certain skill sets and personality types that gravitate toward a place like this. I have yet to meet someone who works here that is irritated or annoyed by smaller, younger, less mature people. Those people wouldn't even be hired; they would not even apply! Still, here we are.
  • I love being able to develop my own teaching/classroom management skills. It's a good place to grow.
  • So many families, so many children, so many co-workers...so many, many chances to pray for those that need Jesus' salvation and for Jesus' influence and healing in our broken lives.

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